Highest ROI

Our unique work force allows us to offer you a cost similar to those of overseas operations, while generating returns similar to U.S. based call centers.
--- If you would prefer to have your project or campaign ran outside of our unique environment, we also have traditional call center space available for you. ---

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Superior Connections

Our American based labor force is composed of native English speakers. This strong grasp of the English language allows a superior connection with clients.

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Laser Focus

Our work environment is free of the distractions commonly found in offices. This lack of distraction allows us to focus on the job at a greater level than traditional employees.

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Want to see how we do it?

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Inmate call centers are an affordable way to achieve your telemarketing goals.


About Our Inmates

Our Inmate Telemarketers Are Just Better

All inmates we select for your campaign are accent free and have a strong grasp of the English language. This native tongue allows our agents to connect with your customers in a way foreign call center employees cannot. This higher level of connection translates into a dramatic improvement in customer response rates.

Improving Inmate Lives

Helping Provide the Tools for Success

The inmates we employ in our call center operations are incarcerated for non-fraud related or violent offences. Each inmate we select shows a desire to atone for their past mistakes and is actively involved in prison rehabilitation programs. By employing them as call center agents we help teach valuable workplace skills that ease the transition to the real world.